Chairs can configure conferences to accept copyright forms from authors in a variety of ways:

For IEEE conferences, we strongly recommend the use of eCF, as it is much easier to manage for both authors and chairs. The classical copyright forms must not be used, as use of such forms requires far more coordination with IEEE and may significantly delay publication of papers in IEEE Xplore.

In order to use eCF, conference chairs must ask EDAS to request a copyright code from IEEE. Please use the Help button on the EDAS web site. The IEEE copyright office usually responds within three to four days to a week to our requests, but sometimes may take up to three weeks or longer. EDAS cannot accelerate the IEEE eCF process. Do not request a copyright code directly from IEEE, as that is likely to confuse IEEE and have them set it up incorrectly.

Authors of accepted papers can submit copyright forms via the (c) link in the My Papers tab, as shown below.

Submitting copyright forms

A link can also be found on each paper page.

Copyright only applies to accepted papers. The functionality is not visible for papers under review.

Chairs should NOT obtain an IEEE copyright code from IEEE directly, as this is likely to confuse IEEE and cause difficulties later. We need to provide IEEE with certain information about the web site to make sure that this works correctly.

To add a copyright stamp to each manuscript, use the following manuscript stamp in Papers:Number pages, in most cases only appearing on the first page, rather than every page:

{isbn_e}/{year2}/$31.00 ©{year} IEEE

The stamping algorithm will automatically create the correct copyright stamp for other copyright types, such as US Government.

Technical documentation of eCF and error codes